It all started when…

Optum was interested in engaging consumers in a more human way.

OptumHealth’s eHP (esync health portal) is an online experience where users can become healthier physically and mentally. By completing a simple online assessment, the eHP finds opportunities or areas of improvement for the user. Through engaging programs and activities, users can track their progress, earn incentives and rewards.

The premise was simple, by users honestly completing assessments, this tool would look at the healthcare consumers as more then a condition. By acknowledging that actions have results that a broader and more positive story could be shared about a consumers actions.

By engaging in rigorous inquiry with consumers, stakeholders and comparing with data from within the health care industry and without, this was a tool that helped patients manage healthcare needs in a more cost efficient and sustainable way.


Client: Optum Health

Agency: Space150

Creative Director: David Fiedler

UX: David Fiedler

Art Director: Michael Cawcutt

Business Analyst: Elliot Payne