As an award-winning Experience Design Director, Creative Director and Strategy Directory, David provides direction and strategy for teams in championing the role of the consumer as the hero of marketing ecosystems. He inspires team members to think iteratively in the research, planning and design phases of a project lifecycle to arrive at the most effective and singular solutions for clients and consumers. David drives business value by pivoting service, product or an entire organization, with people held firmly at the heart. Through design-led strategy, David helps to frame why it’s necessary to make such a change, who for, and how it will make money.

David brings 20 years of commercial experience to his work. David spent nine years years at Minneapolis advertising agency Olson as Director of User Experience Design, Group Creative Director and leading strategy at their Toronto office. Prior, David has worked at many agencies in Los Angeles and Chicago, as Director of Interactive and Experience Design Director. His brand experience includes the Belize Tourism Board, KidRobot, Pepsi, Saucony, CapitalOne, Aurora Health Care, Riga Ghetto Museum, Bauer Hockey, PepsiCo, Honda, Dairy Queen, 3M, American Express, Discover Boating, and UnitedHealth.

David is most proud of his work as Creative and Strategic Lead for the Belize tourism while at Olson. During his tenure, Belize’s overnight tourism has risen over 45%, by applying Experience Design principles, creating the correct expectations and instilling pride in stakeholders and citizens of Belize.

David is a proud resident of Omaha where he rides motorcycles, roasts fine meats, and travels the world with a camera in one hand and a fork in the other.


Selected Awards

AD Fed District "Addy"

Gold,  Consumer Integrated Campaign: "Belize Brand Campaign

GOLD: Integrated Campaign-Public Service: "Riga Ghetto Museum"

GOLD: Website-Consumer: "Riga Ghetto Museum"

Silver,  Logo: "Belize Identity"

Silver, Integrated Campaign: "Belize, Discover How To Be"

Silver, Social: "Breaking Bad & Belize"

Bronze, Consumer Services Website: "TravelBelize.org"

Bronze, Poster Campaign: "Belize Travel Posters"

Gold, Social Media Campaign: "Breaking Bad"

Bronze, Social Media Campaign: "Polar Vortex"

Print Magazine

Regional Design Annual Award Posters: "Discover How To Be: Regional Posters"

Regional Design Annueal Multi-Media Campaign: "Discover How To Be"

AIGA Design Show

Winner Campaign: "Belize, Discover How To Be"

Skift Magazine

#4 20 Best Designed Tourism Websites in the World: Read The Article

The One Show

Merit Award, Identity and Logo, "Belize Identity


Realtime Marketing: Comebacks

In2 Sabre

Best in Show: "Belize, Breaking Bad"

Best Marketing Buzz: "Belize, Breaking Bad"

Best Digital Influence: Media: "Belize, Breaking Bad"

Issues Management: "Belize, Breaking Bad"

Quick Wins, Micromarketing: "Belize, Polar Vortex"

National Addy Award

GOLD - Public Service Campaign: "Riga Ghetto Museum"


Site of The Day. May 11, 2015: "Riga Ghetto Museum"

American Advertising Awards (District 8)

GOLD: Integrated Campaign-Public Service: "Riga Ghetto Museum"

GOLD: Website-Consumer: "Riga Ghetto Museum"

JUDGE’S CHOICE: Integrated Campaign-Public Service: "Riga Ghetto Museum"


Nominee: "Riga Ghetto Museum"


Honorable Mention: "Riga Ghetto Museum"

CSS Design Awards

Site of the Day: "Riga Ghetto Museum"