Aurora Health Care

Aurora Health Care is truly an entirely new breed of health partner: One that treats people like people (not patients), one that believes health care should, you know, care, and one that puts the desire to make a meaningful difference above all else—yep, even profit and convention. Aurora Health Care doesn’t do things like the rest and it’s high time it had a campaign that reflects this.

And that’s where real people came in.

In the new “For Your Life” campaign, we feature real people giving candid answers to a variety of questions about life. (Or, if we’re lucky, just unscriptable words of wisdom and comments we were able to capture.) The campaign features real people who were not necessarily beautiful, just normal, everyday and honest.

We needed this  to reflect the personal, approachable, genuine tone of Aurora Health Care, stories that need to be sincere, charming and full of life through and through.

Sure, one could argue that any health care network could use a spot to brag about it’s doctors or award-winning services. But these spots? They needed to be more, they needed to tell more and they needed to celebrate that thing we all love: Life. Because the best health care helps people live their best lives. 


The Manifesto

Simple Things





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Digital Banners



Agency: Olson

ECD: Mike Fetrow

GCD: David Fiedler

CD: Mike Haeg

Digital CD: Danielle Lanza

Digital Art Director: Brooke Eklund

UX Director: Ivan Nunez

Copy: April Swinson

Art Director: Brit Ryan

Agency Producer: Henni Iwarsson