Augsburg Fortress, the Publishing House of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) and leading creator of Christian worship, Sunday school, confirmation and adult Bible study materials, came to us in need of an intuitive planning tool that would allow Sunday school teachers and church directors to schedule classes, plan worships, send messages, and bring people together more efficiently. As the features and capabilities that were to be shared by each of the divisions was narrowed down, Joshua was born - the platform that housed nearly all of the functionality that would be needed to move forward with the production of each product.

Spark, Clayfire, and re:form Online resonate with each of their audiences by reflecting the creative, fun and expressive print-based products that were originally developed by AF while simultaneously serving as a resource and curriculum tool. Although each product is different, they share the same focus on staying relevant to people and their everyday lives through collaboration, social networking, and the importance of sharing and connecting through experiences.

Agency: Space150

CD/UX: David Fiedler

Art Directors: Dan Jenstad, Sarah Eckstrom