How do you take a fashion event, on a single night in New York, and turn it into an experience that would reach thousands of people around the world? Even better, how do you turn that event into a retail experience and create sales in real-time?

Make a movie and an expierence to match. Space150 and Olson worked together to make this huge success for the Target Event Team.



In 2012, Target Fashion Owned Brand approached space150 to present an idea for their fall fashion show. The problem with events like this is no matter how wonderful it was, the only people to experience it would be the handful of media members at the show. We saw an opportunity to reach actual Target guests, and give the event a life outside of fashion week.



The idea was to create “Falling For You,” an original romantic comedy. It would feature big name Hollywood stars and merchandise by Target. The film starred Kristen Bell, Nia Long, and Zachary Abel, and was released in three short episodes the weeks leading up to the event.



Producing an original RomCom for Target was great, but to make the campaign truly powerful we had to find a way to make it engaging. We decided to go shopping.

We would turn movie, itself, into a first-of-its-kind shoppable experience. As guest watched, they were able to pull items from the movie to a shopping cart to be purchase after the movie was over. Never before had a branded experience become so actionable and measurable.


“Falling For You” exceeded all expectations. Earned media numbers were staggering, finishing with over 387 million impressions. The Associated Press story appeared on more than 500 sites, and on Twitter #FallingForYou was used on it’s own 1,957 time.

The site, itself, had 50 times the normal amount of visits, and 63,000 visits on the day of the actual event. The live stream was watched on over 3,600 computers, and the shoppable functionality worked wonders, doubling the number of attributed sales.


Client: Target

Film Agency: Space150

Digital Agency: Olson

Olson Group Creative Director: Scott Muskin

Olson UX Director: David Fiedler

Olson Art Director: Paige Gregory